Specialised in Organizing Corporate Real Estate & Facility
Management, Technology, 
Business, Fashion & Spiritual Awards
& Events
all over India and South East Asian Locations. 

Specialised in Organizing Facilities Management,Corporate & Luxury 
Real Estate Management,
Bollywood, Spiritual Awards, Events & Conferences Worldwide. 

Startups World Network

Startups World Network ( SWN ), A Startups Marketplace, promoted by Mumbai based MMG Worldwide and Starterbites Ventures.

SWN established for India's new age and fledgling startup entrepreneurs who do have either  technology or business ideas but lack the funding, mentoring and support services to give shape to their ideas and start their business venture.

SWN will connect Startups who are in need of Angel / Seed / Venture Funds and Incubators / Accelerators, Mentors and Global Startup Eco-System Support Service providers across Worldwide.

SWN will organize Startup Entrepreneur Networking Conferences , Angel Investor Meets and Awards across India in major startup clusters of Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Hyderabad and Internationally across Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong and San Francisco in the near Future.

SWN is associated with the following Organizations to accelerate and execute its activities across India and abroad